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  • Coconut farms in Kilwa Masoko
    Coconut farms in Kilwa Masoko
    One of the most important economical activities in Kilwa is the coconut farming
  • Dhow sailing in Kilwa
    Dhow sailing in Kilwa
    Traditional wooden boats are common along the coast of Kilwa
  • Birds of prey in Selous
    Birds of prey in Selous
    Selous Game Reserve shows a spectacular variety of birds of prey
  • Elephant in Selous G. R.
    Elephant in Selous G. R.
    More than 60.000 elephants live into the Selous Game Reserve
  • Great Mosque in Kisiwani
    Great Mosque in Kisiwani
    The largest mosque south of Sahara, until XVI century, is the Great Mosque of Kisiwani
  • Gereza Fort in Kilwa Kisiwani
    Gereza Fort in Kilwa Kisiwani
    This fort built by portugueses and rebuilt by arabs defend Kilwa Kisiwani since XVI Century
  • Hippopotamus in Kilwa estuary
    Hippopotamus in Kilwa estuary
    Estuaries and mangroves in the coast of Kilwa hide some populations of hippopotamus
  • Quiloa (Kilwa) Island
    Quiloa (Kilwa) Island
    It was said that Quiloa (Kilwa) was the safest african harbour south of Mombasa
  • Lionfish in the Kilwa reef
    Lionfish in the Kilwa reef
    Shallow coral reef of Kilwa is a still undiscovered treasure of underwater life
  • Net fishing in Kilwa
    Net fishing in Kilwa
    Traditional modes of fishing include different types of net fishing
  • Selous Game Reserve wildlife
    Selous Game Reserve wildlife
    A large surface of the Selous Game Reserve is dedicated to photographic tourism
  • Spear fishing in Kilwa
    Spear fishing in Kilwa
    Young fishermen commonly dive in apnea to spear small fishes that they sell in Kilwa market
  • Traditional sailing in Kilwa
    Traditional sailing in Kilwa
    To know well the winds and your boat is the key of a succesful sailing in Kilwa

Kilwa Mnara

Ruins of a magnificent past, tropical beaches, coral reefs, wooden traditional boats in a turquoise blue sea and the proximity of the largest Wildlife Reserve in Africa, make Kilwa a unique place to visit in Africa.